New course in progress: The case of war and armed conflict

Photo Credit: AP, Ukrainian Presidential Press Office

While we didn’t think about possible future iterations of this open course concept when we developed the first “Organizing in Times of Crisis: The Case of Covid-19” course, we feel that now is an important time to update our course material and take into account the second major crisis the world finds itself in now, two years after the start of the pandemic: the Russian large-scale and brutal invasion of Ukraine and the resulting fundamental disruption of the world order, not to mention the loss of life and violence in Ukraine itself. We will post course materials for 14 new sessions, ranging again from typical crisis management topics such as decision-making and leadership in times of crisis to more specific questions of corporate responsibilities in crisis as well as some sessions specifically dedicated to wartime organizing, such as information warfare and the role of digital platforms. We have also expanded our network to include new experts on these topics. Stay tuned – we aim to have everything ready by mid April 2022. You can find a short introductory video to the course here.

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