Class 8: Open Science, Data and Commons

Provided by Leonhard Dobusch, University of Innsbruck

Guiding questions: How important is open science for fighting Covid19? How are scientific practices and structures affected by the Covid19 pandemic? What is the role of big pharma in responding to the crisis?


Slides: PDF / PPT

Core readings

Denis, J., & Goëta, S. (2017). Rawification and the careful generation of open government data. Social Studies of Science, 47(5), 604-629. PDF

Perkmann, M., & Schildt, H. (2015). Open data partnerships between firms and universities: The role of boundary organizations. Research Policy, 44(5), 1133-1143. PDF via Journal

Contemporary news article

Kupferschmidt, K. (2020). ‘A Completely new Culture of Doing Research.’ Coronavirus Outbreak Changes how Scientists Communicate, Sciencemag, February 26.

Post-lecture assignment

Search for an open science project on COVID19 and assess what is good/problematic about it based on what you have learned about open science (max. 400 words).

Background readings

Dobusch, L., & Heimstädt, M. 2019. Predatory publishing in management research: A call for open peer review. Management Learning, 50(5), 607-619. PDF

Dietz, T., Ostrom, E., & Stern, P. C. 2008. The struggle to govern the commons. Sciencemag, 302(December): 611–622. Access via Google Scholar