Open lecture series by Timothy Snyder (Yale): The Making of Modern Ukraine

Timothy Snyder, the Richard C. Levin Professor of History at Yale University, is a renowned expert on the history of Central and Eastern Europe. He is teaching a class on the history of Ukraine at Yale, which he has kindly made available as an open educational resource. You can find the syllabus here and follow the lectures on Youtube here. He has also written an article on “Ukraine Holds the Future: The War Between Democracy and Nihilism” for Foreign Affairs – worth reading.

Now online: Syllabus, Readings and Assignments

As of today, we proudly present version 1.0 of the standard course syllabus as well as all readings and assignments for the twelve classes of the course. Of course, we expect and encourage instructors who teach the course to tailor the course syllabus and assignments to their individual needs. So take the syllabus as one potential way of teaching the course.

Videos of the mini lectures will follow over the course of the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

Mini Lecture on “How to Essay”

A key task for students in the course “Organizing in Times of Crisis: The Case of Covid19” will be to write a research essay at the very end of the course. Reflecting on all they have learnt, the essay shall focus on one issue and deliver one point of insight gathered throughout the course. The mini lecture by Leonhard Dobusch on “How to Essay” focuses on the difference between research essays and seminar papers and offers a brief introducion on writing research essays.